Blanket Sea Press was launched in 2020. We provide a devoted publishing space for chronically ill, neurodivergent, and disabled creators. Our mission is to promote awareness, empathy, and action around disability rights and advocacy. We publish chapbooks and microchapbooks of poetry and creative nonfiction. Every eBook has pay what you want/donation-based pricing and includes an audiobook version for accessibility.

We do not publish work that promotes ableism, inspiration porn, or toxic positivity. All of our press editors have lived experience of disability. Authors are paid royalties. Subscribe to our email list for updates on submission calls and upcoming releases. Download the complete 2021 Awareness & Advocacy microchapbook series here.


Our titles:

Book cover of autumn is when the ghosts come out by Alexandra Weiss. A painting of two snakes and a potted plant against a dark brown background. The title is at the top, author name at the bottom. There’s a little skull in the planter.

Cover for New and Permanent by Frances Klein. Ocean water at sunset with hazy edges. The title and author name are right-aligned in white font

The cover for The Science of Flowers by MT Vallarta. A photo of small purple and yellow flowers coming out of scientific vials. The title is centered toward the top, author name bottom left.

The cover for Catching Sight by Beth O'Brien. A street at night with blurred, multi-colored lights. The text in blue says Catching Sight at the top left at an angle, and Beth O'Brien toward the bottom right

Bone Water by Kelsey Bryan-Zwick

Song for PTSD by Sarah Lilius

Cover: A bright green forest split by a two lane highway. A single blue car is in the road. White text at the top says "Ebb/Flow" with author name "Ashley Steineger" below it.


Cover for The Uncertainty of Light by Alana Saltz