Coming June 2021 from Blanket Sea Press:

Cover: A bright green forest split by a two lane highway. A single blue car is in the road. White text at the top says "Ebb/Flow" with author name "Ashley Steineger" below it.

Just as the natural world thrives and rests, living with mental illness can be a daily journey of highs and lows. Some days are filled with rain, others bathe us in sun. Ebb/Flow, a microchapbook of poetry by Ashley Steineger, offers a raw, intense glimpse at depression, grief, and anxiety while simultaneously praising the very act of living and survival. These poems are both elegies and odes to the ever-changing landscapes we discover, in nature and inside of ourselves.

“Ashley Steineger stands ‘quiet as a god,’ silently pulling the reader by the hand through the emotions that run high in this collection—sadness, anxiety, hope, loss, grief, contentment. As she creates ‘100 more places…to hide,’ she also gives us the keys to open the doors and find our way out, to find our way to hope.” —Courtney LeBlanc, author of Exquisite Bloody, Beating Heart

This microchapbook is part of Blanket Sea Press’ 2021 Awareness & Advocacy series. The ebook and audiobook will be available for sliding scale “pay what you want” download starting June 9, 2021. A portion of Blanket Sea’s proceeds will be donated to NoStigmas, a global nonprofit, peer-led community advocating for mental health and suicide awareness.


About the Author: Ashley Steineger is a poet and crisis counselor whose work has appeared in The ShoreThe Mantle, Tiny Spoon, and Life in Ten Minutes. She believes poetry is the language of healing, and often uses verse as a tool to help heal herself and others. Ashley received her MFA from Queen’s University of Charlotte. She lives and writes out of Raleigh, NC, where she enjoys nature, collecting tattoos, and untranslatable words. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.