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“Drowning” by Tianna Grosch

“You don’t need an ocean to feel like you’re drowning. You feel it, between your chest and your throat, the weight of it stretching you outside your self, like a dead fish on the shore.”

– Malak El Halabi 

One of the most accurate metaphors I heard for depression came from my first therapist, Joy.… Read more ““Drowning” by Tianna Grosch”

“Don’t Cry for Me, Nevada” by Andrea Lambert

I wake in the Queen Anne four poster bed. Bed of our madness. My Schizophrenic grandfather and abused grandmother slept here. Grandpa dug out a basement for a relative with only a shovel for the money to buy this bedroom set. A very long time ago.

This bed my domestic partner committed suicide on.… Read more ““Don’t Cry for Me, Nevada” by Andrea Lambert”

“The Unexpected Way I Killed My Panic Attacks” by Nicole Rollender

The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying.

My heart pounded out of my chest. I was light-headed, as if I had run too far, too fast. When everything started looking a little strange, as if what was real was becoming surreal, that was the scariest part.… Read more ““The Unexpected Way I Killed My Panic Attacks” by Nicole Rollender”

“The Second Arrow” by Caroline Johnson

“What has no shadow, has no strength to live.”
— Czeslaw Milosz, “Faith.”


“Choose any spot you like,” my oncologist says. I pick an overstuffed Lazy-Boy next to an IV, park my bag full of books, then she leaves. Soon a nurse greets me, says she will be taking care of me for the next four hours.… Read more ““The Second Arrow” by Caroline Johnson”

“Ohio” by Laura Dorwart

I am alone with my two-month-old baby all day long, trapped in a flat patio home in a flat little town in northeast Ohio without a car. I am not a good driver and not a patient line-waiter at the DMV, so I haven’t bothered yet to untrap myself. My husband, Jason, teaches at Oberlin during the day, lecturing on disability representation in horror films.… Read more ““Ohio” by Laura Dorwart”

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