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“Field” by Sayuri Ayers

Listen to Sayuri Ayers read her essay, “Field.”


“Hey, sister.” Sean leans in, his eyes glazed with Haldol. “I hold gardens of eternal life in my hands.” I nod. It’s another day in group therapy. If we don’t attend, they will hear about it, and there would be no dinner seconds, no sodas, no popsicles.… Read more ““Field” by Sayuri Ayers”

“Autoimmune” by Adrienne Pilon

Listen to “Autoimmune,” read by the author.


I am my own worst enemy.

Caught in the grip of a familiar fatigue, malaise and pain, I struggle.

My body fights itself. Joints stiffen and twist of their own volition; muscles tire without exertion. I am exhausted but cannot sleep. There are drugs to take, and these have their own terrible consequences.… Read more ““Autoimmune” by Adrienne Pilon”

“A Peeling Back” by Cassia Hameline

Listen to Cassia Hameline read “A Peeling Back.”


As a kid, I spent my summers at my grandparents’ lake house. I remember how the oak trees outside had overgrown so much that when the wind blew, they’d scratch against the windows like nails. When it was raining or too cold to swim, I would stay inside and watch reruns of the Rugrats.… Read more ““A Peeling Back” by Cassia Hameline”

“Bounded Rationality” by Arnav Sood

Mathematicians say that a map f: (X, \rho_x) —> X between metric spaces is a contraction if it brings points closer together. If a contraction is sufficiently strong, it is known to have a fixed point, or a point such that f(x) = x.

Your life shrinks.… Read more ““Bounded Rationality” by Arnav Sood”

Siobhan Hebron’s FIVE YEARS and “Tolerating the Abled”

At 24 years old, Siobhan Hebron did not expect the migraines she had been experiencing for a week in the summer of 2014 to be anything more than a fluke. Instead, an MRI revealed the actual cause—a tumor, which was obstructing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in her brain and causing the headaches.… Read more “Siobhan Hebron’s FIVE YEARS and “Tolerating the Abled””

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