A drawing of a brain with poppy flowers growing out of it.

A drawing of a skull.

A drawing of a hermit crab with half a lemon instead of a shell.

A drawing of an owl sitting on a chesterfield sofa wearing an old fashioned nightcap and drinking a glass of scotch. There is a mirror in the background and the wall is made of wood.


Artist’s Statement

I grew up feeling different to others and I was lucky enough to not feel pressured to fit in. My work really reflected this: it’s all about externalising my internal world and using art as therapy. It is also about play! I use symbolism and surrealism to create odd, yet whimsical vignettes. Drawing is my primary medium but I also sculpt, paint and print make.



Lupin Vivian is a Guernsey (Channel Islands) born and bred artist. She was diagnosed with autism aged fifteen and has struggled with mental ill health since before her diagnosis. She currently resides in a little house by the sea with her fiancé and three house rabbits. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.