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“Incantations” by Samantha Jones

Art by Samantha Jones: “Items that are typically ordinary and forgettable may become nuclei of stress and fixation for people with OCD. The ink sketch, Home sweet home, depicts one perspective of a home defined by its stressors. The distortion and repetition of items emphasizes the disproportionate amount of attention dedicated to checking behaviours.… Read more ““Incantations” by Samantha Jones”

“Field” by Sayuri Ayers

Listen to Sayuri Ayers read her essay, “Field.”


“Hey, sister.” Sean leans in, his eyes glazed with Haldol. “I hold gardens of eternal life in my hands.” I nod. It’s another day in group therapy. If we don’t attend, they will hear about it, and there would be no dinner seconds, no sodas, no popsicles.… Read more ““Field” by Sayuri Ayers”

“Redefining the pain scale” by Jennifer Brough

Listen to “Redefining the pain scale,” read by Jennifer Brough.


1. Remember when we first met? We laid out our dreams like a picnic spread and walked so closely even the darkness was warm. i loved you almost instantly.

2. In the archives of my life, i’m sure there have been years without pain but have misplaced the files.… Read more ““Redefining the pain scale” by Jennifer Brough”

“Autoimmune” by Adrienne Pilon

Listen to “Autoimmune,” read by the author.


I am my own worst enemy.

Caught in the grip of a familiar fatigue, malaise and pain, I struggle.

My body fights itself. Joints stiffen and twist of their own volition; muscles tire without exertion. I am exhausted but cannot sleep. There are drugs to take, and these have their own terrible consequences.… Read more ““Autoimmune” by Adrienne Pilon”

Collage Art by Sasha Saben Callaghan

Image 1 – “Blood Brothers”

A man in Victorian dress, and with metal prosthetic arms, sits against a background of tropical vegetation and flowers. Beside him is a tiger. They both have similar challenging expressions on their faces. There are phrases which frame the central image – ‘dare to live,’ ‘speak the truth,’ ‘dare to love,’ ‘live without fear.’


Image 2 – “Dollface”

The porcelain head of a doll stands out from a black background.… Read more “Collage Art by Sasha Saben Callaghan”

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