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Art by Brian Michael Barbeito

“The Wild Moss”

(This photograph is of dark green wild moss that is strewn out over a long log. The green moss is thick and has received much sun and light. It is like a cushion or carpet and seems to still be growing.)

“Autumn Wildflower”

(This is a wild flower that is growing in the fall field.Read more “Art by Brian Michael Barbeito”

“A Burst of Butterflies” by Christine Stoddard

(A painting of a woman with long brown hair wearing a red top. She has a red blindfold around her eyes. She is surrounded by butterflies against a yellow background. Her skin is covered in intricate patterns.)

Artist’s Statement: 

The veil of ignorance can prevent us from knowing who we are.… Read more ““A Burst of Butterflies” by Christine Stoddard”

Photography by Megan Sadler of My(chronic)Self


(Black and white photo of a woman resting her head on her knee. She is bare-faced, eyes downcast in somber reflection; her unkempt hair falls loosely over her shoulders. )

“Pretty on the Outside, Pain on the Inside”

(Off-centered portrait of a woman. Half of her face is made-up, in full color, with hair neatly braided.Read more “Photography by Megan Sadler of My(chronic)Self”

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