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“Ohio” by Laura Dorwart

I am alone with my two-month-old baby all day long, trapped in a flat patio home in a flat little town in northeast Ohio without a car. I am not a good driver and not a patient line-waiter at the DMV, so I haven’t bothered yet to untrap myself. My husband, Jason, teaches at Oberlin during the day, lecturing on disability representation in horror films.… Read more ““Ohio” by Laura Dorwart”

Poetry by Amy Karon

Complicated grief (F43.21)

taught me to sit.
Not upright or mindfully
but however my body fell—
curled, slumped,
sideways, half-asleep.
Loss demolished monks
and mantras, leaving only
a nascent alphabet of sobs.
Grief — raw, protracted,
impenitent — ignited long-
dormant strips of genome
and many-times great-grandmothers
who rose up from light and flame
calling, heed this maelstrom.… Read more “Poetry by Amy Karon”

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