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“Staircase” by Danny McLaren

it’s 5 am.
rain you could almost mistake as footsteps keeps you company.
you try to lay still long enough to sleep, but the night calls, pulling you from your bed to pace the empty hallways.
barefoot on the cold stairs, you climb.
round and round.
higher and higher.
this place feels like home sometimes, but that feeling is fleeting.… Read more ““Staircase” by Danny McLaren”

“The Second Arrow” by Caroline Johnson

“What has no shadow, has no strength to live.”
— Czeslaw Milosz, “Faith.”


“Choose any spot you like,” my oncologist says. I pick an overstuffed Lazy-Boy next to an IV, park my bag full of books, then she leaves. Soon a nurse greets me, says she will be taking care of me for the next four hours.… Read more ““The Second Arrow” by Caroline Johnson”

“Letter Enclosed” by Amy LeBlanc

Checking the ceiling corners
for spiders and constellations,
I hear my voice ask
are you alone
is there anyone
but my chest is cresting
and I pull the shirt from my stomach.
The scent of laundry is strong
and the Unmentionables bleed
fiber into fabric softener.
The letter L is written
on my hand in case I forget.… Read more ““Letter Enclosed” by Amy LeBlanc”

Photography by Megan Sadler of My(chronic)Self


(Black and white photo of a woman resting her head on her knee. She is bare-faced, eyes downcast in somber reflection; her unkempt hair falls loosely over her shoulders. )

“Pretty on the Outside, Pain on the Inside”

(Off-centered portrait of a woman. Half of her face is made-up, in full color, with hair neatly braided.Read more “Photography by Megan Sadler of My(chronic)Self”

Poetry by February Grace

Mixed State

Uncross my wires
there’s no one at the
your call can’t be completed
as dialed
try again

The fuses pop
breaker after breaker
I’m consumed by silence
and shadows
once they’re

Speak faster now
I cannot understand you
your world turns
much too cold
for this
fevered mind

Extremes may batter me
but there’s a hellscape in between
please don’t leave me here
like this



Limbs stiff, joints frozen
made of concrete lined with lead
broken dolls can’t dance


(“Broken” first appeared here.)


February Grace has been writing since childhood, and has fulfilled her dreams of having poetry, prose, art work, and novels published.… Read more “Poetry by February Grace”

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