Image description #1: A Space Shuttle rocket taking off with a city in the background.

Image description #2: The logo of my artistic name Pixelate the Day, a cube Earth is orbited by a cube moon and a distant cube sun.

Image description #3: An industrial skyline and a futuristic skyline, divided by a beam of light and the Manchester bee.

Image description #4: A castle, reminiscent of Dracula’s from fantasy stories or the Castlevania series, in front of a large full moon. The castle is topped with an LGBT+ flag, with a brown stripe for intersectionality.

Image description #5: A Gameboy console with a small cute smiling face on a pink background.

Link’s Awakening: A huge mountain with a pink and white egg looms over a small island. The beach has a sword plunged in the sand, with washed up seaweed and a log. The grassy plains are covered in flora, and some enemies as well as a friendly chicken! Mountains and waterfalls lay further back behind the scene.

Torterra: A large, turtle-looking Pokémon stands in the summer rain with an overcast sky. It has many berries and vines in the tree on its back, which itself is an overgrown leafy shell. Some rocks growing from its shell are surrounded by small yellow flowers.


Artist Statement:

I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, which means my muscle strength is limited. My pixel art journey is an attempt to emulate just that – a limited art form. Confined by the brush shape, confined by my canvas size and constantly striving to be better.

I make this art for fun, but have also made pixel art for a music video this past summer and for podcast artwork. My art is generally colourful, soft, and bright in an attempt to be fun and accessible to all!



Bobby is a pixel artist from Manchester, England. Having a physical disability (Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 2), the ability to draw or write by hand was lost at a young age due to lack of hand dexterity. In adulthood, he turned to the art of pixels, small squares used by every screen to store information, to create images. Ranging from original pieces to pop culture creations, Bobby chose to take physical limitation and the artistic limitations of pixels to create something he’s proud of. You can follow him on Twitter and donate via PayPal.