“Angel of Death”

(A character standing in a background of glitchy effects of many different colors: pink, aquamarine, and purple. His hands are near his chest but obstructed by the effects.)


(Three woman are standing around each other: the woman on the rights face is glitched out into the ground with bright red colors.)


(Two skulls with bright red eyes, melting into each other from either side; crystal-like effects are present.)

“Faking It”

(A girl’s head is the center of the image with bright glitch effects covering most of her bright green hair.)


Artist’s Statement

My art is a expression of my headspace, my interests, and my ideas. The pieces featured here are about the information age and technology, and how overwhelming and sometimes scary it can be to navigate, as well as the feelings that can come with being overwhelmed. As someone with ADHD, it can be scary to have that much information at your fingertips, and it can cause aniexty and stress. I tried to go as bold and bright as I could with these pieces to express those feelings. 



Jake does experimental, bright art based around themes of mental health and internet culture. He currently goes to Manhattanville College for art education and is graduating in 2019. He has also gone to School of Visual Arts in New York for a year to study animation. He plans on teaching art to high school students after he graduates. Find out more on his website, Instagram, and Twitter.