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Poetry by Natalie E. Illum

The perspective from below

Sharks attack their prey from underneath,
sometimes at speeds of up to 35 miles an hour.

At first you think why is there
a freight train underwater? And then
the ocean leaks red and you think

The kitchen floor attacks its prey
with gravity. It snaps bone
just as easily as a mouth.… Read more “Poetry by Natalie E. Illum”

“Notes for My Therapist – 1” by Feby Joseph

I could be wading
in the effervescent joy of a Mozart concerto
or the tranquil beauty of Monet’s lilies, but
it’s never far.
Perhaps the next room?

It could be even as far as the moon
but it will travel at uncharted speed
and explode like ripe mangoes in the mouth –
The golden rivulets running down
the chin to stain white clothes.… Read more ““Notes for My Therapist – 1” by Feby Joseph”

Art by Brian Michael Barbeito

“The Wild Moss”

(This photograph is of dark green wild moss that is strewn out over a long log. The green moss is thick and has received much sun and light. It is like a cushion or carpet and seems to still be growing.)

“Autumn Wildflower”

(This is a wild flower that is growing in the fall field.Read more “Art by Brian Michael Barbeito”

“a couple of thoughts to help you understand depression” by Kristin A Trumble


sunbeams criss cross overhead,
above the reach of my live-in pallor.
I am painted
in varying shades
of concrete and shadow.

I cannot stand up
straight enough to feel their light.

My foot has gotten caught
in the legs of this chair.
My arm is stuck between the bed and the wall.… Read more ““a couple of thoughts to help you understand depression” by Kristin A Trumble”

Poetry by Megan Wildhood

Insomnia at the Beach

The moon reflects the sun white
but the rocks reflect the moon black.

They are missing the point
or else are they being themselves?

This is why I am here, lowered carefully
by muscle memory

to slick stones’ peaks barely
above a seething sea.

I love the froth, the product
of innocent rage, that gathers at the edges

of the stones like a conflicted team.… Read more “Poetry by Megan Wildhood”

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