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Poetry by Elisabeth Horan

The Cruelty of Winter Has Only Just Begun

The little bird came out
in darkness:
t’was my heart and
so disoriented;
and the seed was
not the right
seed, but instead of
dying off
from the frigid cold –

it turned back,
familiar valve found,
hence – alit:
three-toed and tucked,
a hinged
and hungered beak under
shoulder blade – black and white speckled
wing feathers;
her sanguine queen
necessary warmth
to go it once more
in the deepness:
it was in my head
and it was dying
in the end – but not
from the frigid cold.… Read more “Poetry by Elisabeth Horan”

“Don’t Cry for Me, Nevada” by Andrea Lambert

I wake in the Queen Anne four poster bed. Bed of our madness. My Schizophrenic grandfather and abused grandmother slept here. Grandpa dug out a basement for a relative with only a shovel for the money to buy this bedroom set. A very long time ago.

This bed my domestic partner committed suicide on.… Read more ““Don’t Cry for Me, Nevada” by Andrea Lambert”

“Doctor Dream, 1720” by Sarah Lilius

I am weepy.
18th century Marseilles, we aren’t French
and we dodge the Plague.

I am trapped in the wine cellar,
you laugh at a game
where people fall onto patches of grass.

Our hair, luxurious,
full of powder,
slowly comes undone.

Words like loins, feline,
and sunshine are passed around,
it is eagerness fulfilled.… Read more ““Doctor Dream, 1720” by Sarah Lilius”

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