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Month: January 2020

“The Questions” by Melissa Frederick

Listen to Melissa Frederick read “The Questions.”


What is pain but a question
and an answer?
I ask, do you hurt?
You tell me,

the days and nights smear
together in a wet clump.
Time decomposes
to cause and effect:

if morning → wash
if lunchtime →chew
if seated → rise

and beneath every action
a murmur of distress,
a pang,
a trouble,
a scream,

a secret, relentless algorithm
punishing nothing,
broken at random.… Read more ““The Questions” by Melissa Frederick”

“Matryoshka” by Kori Frazier Morgan

Listen to Kori Frazier Morgan read “Matryoshka.” 


Most of the time,
it feels like I’m sloshed on the couch,
watching the newest Netflix Original Series
known as Me Going About My Day, in which
I am a spectator rather than a participant.
It’s not even an interesting show at that—
the Protagonist has no agency, barely
does anything, just sits there dazed,
as if she, too, is merely watching herself
watch someone else, watch someone
else.… Read more ““Matryoshka” by Kori Frazier Morgan”

“Sick Woman” by Sol Camarena Medina

Listen to Sol Camarena Medina read “Sick Woman.”


Your mouth so blue even birds
get lost in it.

Nobody realizes
how sick you are, not even your doctor, oh no, they’re all praising
your sapphire tongue, your teeth like tiny turquoises hanging on an ancient necklace
your palate smells of the dead but your lover’s turned into a raven
and waits for the funeral the way you wait for harvest.… Read more ““Sick Woman” by Sol Camarena Medina”

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