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Poetry by Syble Heffernan

Listen to Syble Heffernan read “Night Terrors” and “Other Side of the Glass.”


Night Terrors

Ask me how I’m sleeping
I’ll need a canvas and black ink.

I’ll scrawl briars of shadow and
fists. This is what wakes me in

the night, knocking on the walls
of my skull;

entering me with no invitation;
writhing creatures

beehives for heads;
streams of nectar down their necks

deception.… Read more “Poetry by Syble Heffernan”

Poetry by Miriam Culy

Listen to Miriam Culy read her poems.


Masked Smiles

Red crosses sit on most of the chairs,
in a waiting room where no one else is
waiting. I sanitise my pre-washed hands,
nervously, before you call me through:
come in / sit down / how can I help you?

I can sense that you are smiling at me:
though I can’t peer through your mask,
I can see it in your friendly blue eyes,
the only facial feature not hidden /
covered / protected by PPE.… Read more “Poetry by Miriam Culy”

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