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Poetry by Lourdes Tutaine-Garcia

Falling in the Dark

Feel for the penny
when it’s flipped into a puddle,
rotating rapidly through air’s nothingness,
crashing into a solid that liquifies
then, sinking with slow sway
through water the consistency of jelly,
to land in mud,
       watery but not fluid
       grainy but not land,
       and what of the jagged things that feel like rocks?… Read more “Poetry by Lourdes Tutaine-Garcia”

“Nothing and Everything, All At Once” by Wanda Deglane

There was a time before I was engulfed,
but I can no longer remember it. Before the gray,
dense cloud ate me whole and killed the sun
with its bare, murky fists. Some days, I lie on
the pitted ground, pulling my legs up to my chest.
It’s easier to find air to breathe that way, to not
suffocate and succumb.… Read more ““Nothing and Everything, All At Once” by Wanda Deglane”

“Tuesday Disallowed” by Ruth Lehrer

I’d like to leave this nailbiter of a day
the spasms, the meanness, the tension
of that dark coast looming
I’d like to clock the amps of power cruel
and then
flip the switch to opera
blast out the termites
clean up the frequencies
and then
go to quiet
a snake graveyard
a turtle concert
a blue water map of letters
A rabbit castle
built on glass.… Read more ““Tuesday Disallowed” by Ruth Lehrer”

“Twenty-Five” by Caitlin Thomson

If the pain that visits my body every day had a name
perhaps it would be easier to talk about it to others,

including the doctor, who nods sympathetically
and draws dogs on his prescription pad to entertain my daughter –

the under two crowd loves a good dog. I will see him again
for years, every once in a while, but the pain visits daily,

it does not ask to be fit into my busy schedule
it finds a way, and I in turn have found a way to smile

with a punch in my gut.… Read more ““Twenty-Five” by Caitlin Thomson”

“The Constant Hum of Elsewhere” by Jen Rouse

You should busy me. Make sure I have something to do
with my hands.  Give me manicured
lawns and lovely buildings,
all of these combined provide
“a special apparatus for
the care of lunacy.” i

In case you were wondering, I have never
been admitted.  Never quite the right fit
for here or there. … Read more ““The Constant Hum of Elsewhere” by Jen Rouse”

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