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Month: March 2018

“A Burst of Butterflies” by Christine Stoddard

(A painting of a woman with long brown hair wearing a red top. She has a red blindfold around her eyes. She is surrounded by butterflies against a yellow background. Her skin is covered in intricate patterns.)

Artist’s Statement: 

The veil of ignorance can prevent us from knowing who we are.… Read more ““A Burst of Butterflies” by Christine Stoddard”

Poetry by Frances Donovan

What the Crows Did

The crows in the golf course behind campus
knew the hospital, knew the blood
they took, knew the mud, my mind. I blew into the wind
and the wind blew back.

The crows in the hemlock witnessed me transfixed
by an icicle, my feet on the pavement,
it dangling from the tip of a broken branch,
milky-white against bark the color of old blood.… Read more “Poetry by Frances Donovan”

“The Unexpected Way I Killed My Panic Attacks” by Nicole Rollender

The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying.

My heart pounded out of my chest. I was light-headed, as if I had run too far, too fast. When everything started looking a little strange, as if what was real was becoming surreal, that was the scariest part.… Read more ““The Unexpected Way I Killed My Panic Attacks” by Nicole Rollender”

“Storytelling” by Jack Croxall

I’m going back in time, you’re coming with me. But we won’t be observing dinosaurs, watching the Spanish Armada burn, or meeting Cleopatra. We’re going back in time to look at a ceiling.

I can see the cogs turning. You’re thinking Sistine Chapel, or maybe Grand Central Station. You’re wrong. We’re going back in time to look at a white ceiling somewhere in rural Nottinghamshire.… Read more ““Storytelling” by Jack Croxall”

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