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“Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out” by Constance Bourg

Listen to Constance Bourg read her poem, “Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out”


No one is saying that your illness is in your mind.
You may well find yourself having all sorts
of physical symptoms. But our tests are the source

that we base our opinion on.… Read more ““Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out” by Constance Bourg”

“A Peeling Back” by Cassia Hameline

Listen to Cassia Hameline read “A Peeling Back.”


As a kid, I spent my summers at my grandparents’ lake house. I remember how the oak trees outside had overgrown so much that when the wind blew, they’d scratch against the windows like nails. When it was raining or too cold to swim, I would stay inside and watch reruns of the Rugrats.… Read more ““A Peeling Back” by Cassia Hameline”

Pixel Art by Bobby

Image description #1: A Space Shuttle rocket taking off with a city in the background.

Image description #2: The logo of my artistic name Pixelate the Day, a cube Earth is orbited by a cube moon and a distant cube sun.

Image description #3: An industrial skyline and a futuristic skyline, divided by a beam of light and the Manchester bee.

Read more “Pixel Art by Bobby”

“The Questions” by Melissa Frederick

Listen to Melissa Frederick read “The Questions.”


What is pain but a question
and an answer?
I ask, do you hurt?
You tell me,

the days and nights smear
together in a wet clump.
Time decomposes
to cause and effect:

if morning → wash
if lunchtime →chew
if seated → rise

and beneath every action
a murmur of distress,
a pang,
a trouble,
a scream,

a secret, relentless algorithm
punishing nothing,
broken at random.… Read more ““The Questions” by Melissa Frederick”

“Matryoshka” by Kori Frazier Morgan

Listen to Kori Frazier Morgan read “Matryoshka.” 


Most of the time,
it feels like I’m sloshed on the couch,
watching the newest Netflix Original Series
known as Me Going About My Day, in which
I am a spectator rather than a participant.
It’s not even an interesting show at that—
the Protagonist has no agency, barely
does anything, just sits there dazed,
as if she, too, is merely watching herself
watch someone else, watch someone
else.… Read more ““Matryoshka” by Kori Frazier Morgan”

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