Blanket Sea Press will be open to submissions of microchapbooks from February 15th-March 15th, 2021.  We’re considering both poetry and creative nonfiction and will be selecting 3-5 microchap ebooks to be published in 2021 as part of our new Awareness & Advocacy Series.

Please read the following guidelines closely and feel free to email us at with any questions or accommodations.

Our press has a focus and a mission. Like our magazine, we showcase work by chronically ill, mentally ill, neurodivergent, and disabled creators. Our goal is to help raise awareness, empathy, and understanding as well as promote disability advocacy, policies, and rights. We believe that writing and sharing lived experience is a powerful form of activism, and we plan to promote these works as well as reach out to advocacy organizations to suggest offering our books as a resource to patients, providers, politicians, and researchers.

To get a feel for the kind of work we’re interested in, please read our magazine and check out our debut chapbook, The Uncertainty of Light by Alana Saltz.


  • Microchaps should be 10-13 pages in length.
  • The work can be poetry or creative nonfiction, which includes essays and short memoir. Hybrid works with both poetry and creative nonfiction will be considered. Projects may also include original artwork but must primarily be text.
  • We are open to all styles but tend to gravitate writing that tells a compelling story, expresses experience and emotion, and immerses the reader into the world of the work. For poetry, we usually don’t go for rhyming or work that is difficult to follow due to heavy formatting or highly abstract language.
  • The work must include themes around chronic illness, mental illness, neurodivergence, and/or disability. We’re especially interested in projects that revolve around a particular illness, diagnosis, or disability. The work can contain content outside of those themes, but there must be a strong element around one or more themes.

What We’re Not Looking For:

  • Work by parents or caregivers.
  • Fiction or genre writing.
  • Material containing ableist or discriminatory language or themes.
  • Authors who display ableist, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying behavior in the community.
  • Plagiarism. All work must be 100% original. Any found or after poetry must be appropriately cited.

We encourage submissions from BIPOC, intersectional, and multiply-marginalized authors. We’re open to both new and established authors. We hope to offer a home to works and authors that other presses might not understand or feel comfortable publishing. The team at Blanket Sea Press all have lived experience of disability.

There are no required submission or reading fees, though we always greatly appreciate any donations via Ko-Fi. Purchasing our press’s debut chapbook also helps to support us. Our press and magazine are nonprofit, volunteer endeavors. Donations and purchases will not influence our decisions.

Please send submissions as a Word doc or PDF along with a short cover letter about the work, an author bio, and (optional) social media links to Include the words “Microchap Submission” along with the work’s title and author name in the subject line. The cover letter, bio, and links can be included in the body of the email. You do not need a table of contents. If any poems or essays have been previously published, please include an acknowledgements page at the end of the manuscript.

Authors chosen for publication will be paid 50% of royalties. Their books will be available for “pay what you want” pricing in PDF format. 10% of the press’s proceeds will go to an advocacy organization or mutual fund of the author’s choosing. We can’t guarantee a response time but hope to make decisions within 4 weeks of the submission deadline.

Thank you so much for considering Blanket Sea Press. We look forward to reading your work!